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Master in Biotechnology

Coimbra College of Agriculture

Code DGES    
ECTS Credits      
Registration DGES
4 semesters
A3ES: 18/06/2013 (6 years)     
R/A-Cr 119/2013 (12/07/2013) 

Programme commission                      

Marta Henriques ( - Programme coordinator
Maria João Barroca(
João Gândara (

General objectives of the programme
Training graduates with a strong knowledge of modern biotechnology which may intervene in the modernisation of the productive sectors in the areas of agriculture, manufacturing and food processing, biomass and energy.
Providing the students with skills in the following areas: production techniques and use of living organisms and their metabolism; information research tools; computer techniques associated with different fields of biotechnology (computer simulation, detection systems, automatic process control); management and entrepreneurship maximizing the beginning of productive activities; obtaining bio-products from biomass, bioenergy production and waste recovery.

Study regime          
Working days

Access conditions
Holders of a 1st cycle degree on Biological Sciences, Agricultural Sciences or similar, or a legally equivalent degree, conferred by a Portuguese higher education institution, preferably in the area of the master degree;
Holders of a foreign academic higher education degree in the area of the master degree, from an institution whose 1st cycle degrees comply with the principles of the Bologna Process;
Holders of an academic higher education degree, recognized by the Technical-Scientific Board of Coimbra College of Agriculture (ESAC) as fulfilling the objectives of the 1st cycle degree;
Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognized by the Technical-Scientific Board of ESAC as attesting to the aptitude to accomplish this study cycle. Students having not completed the cycle of studies leading to the BSc Hons are also included, provided they meet the conditions to obtain the degree by the end of the special examination period.
Continuity master of the bachelor degree in Biotechnology of Coimbra College of Agriculture: holders of the bachelor degree in Biotechnology have direct access to the master
programme in Biotechnology.

Further information on the public notice of the master programme in here

Legal framework of the master programme
Despacho nº 10719/2013 de 19 de agosto

Master in Biotechnology (specialisation course in Biotechnology plus the master’s professional traineeship). Those who conclude only the specialisation course in Biotechnology (curricular part of the programme) are awarded a Specialisation Diploma in Biotechnology.